Since I heard that two of the authors of the Swedish Sjöfågelboken were compiling an English and extended version, I have been eagerly waiting for the result. This spring, Flight identification of European Seabirds finally appeared. The main part of this book deals with the identification of flying seabirds that may be seen while seawatching from European shores. The authors use a broad definition of seabirds, ranging from divers to auks. They follow the species list in BWP, so you won’t find a description of Cory’s and Scopoli’s Shearwater, nor Baltic Gull in this book. On the other hand, you will find descriptions of for instance Yellow-legged and Pontic Gulls in this book. A short introduction and a chapter ‘Basics of identification’ are followed by the species accounts, which are divided into the following sections, depending on the species: size, silhouette, flight and flocking, plumage and bare parts, subspecies and geographical variation, voice, and note. Apart from a good description of size and silhouette, often in comparison with more common species, the authors describe plumage characters visible only at long range separately from characters that are visible under good viewing conditions.