Two techniques for estimating the size of breeding populations of European Storm-petrels Hydrobates pelagicus were carried out on two Scottish islands: the tape response method (in 1999 and 2004) and three types of mark/release/recapture method (in each year since 1998). The tape response method gave lower estimates than the MRR methods, raising questions about the assumptions and limitations of the techniques for monitoring European Storm-petrel populations. An apparent fall in population on Priest Island in 2004, indicated by the tape response method, is discussed.

Atlantic seabirds

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Michael V. Hounsome, Hugh Insley, Steph Elliott, Kenny L. Graham, & Peter Mayhew. (2006). Monitoring European Storm-petrels Hydrobates pelagicus: a comparison of the results provided by mark/recapture and tape response methods. Atlantic seabirds, 8(1/2), 5–20.