Interview with Ton Stumpel, 2012 Winner of the Lenders Prize At the annual meeting of RAVON on November 10th 2012, Ton Stumpel received the Lenders Award. Both in and outside the Netherlands, Ton has played an active role in the protection of reptiles and amphibians. His PhD thesis is on the conservation management of their habitats. For several years he was chairman of the Conservation Committee of the Societas Europaea Herpetologica (SEH), where as representative of the Netherlands, he worked with courage and firm commitment on practical aspects of conservation according to the Bern Convention and EU Habitats Directive. He has also thrown light on the biology of species recognized to be difficult, such as the Common Spadefoot and Slow Worm. The Lenders Award was established in 2006, to honour those who have distinguished themselves in their efforts to protect native amphibians, reptiles and fish. It is named after Ton and Rob Lenders, two brothers who had an important role in the study and protection of these species in the Netherlands.