The taxa described and illustrated are Chlorocypha helenae sp. n. (holotype Nyame Pende Riv., M'passa, Makokou, 3-IV-1979; allotype $: same general area; compared with C. cancellata (Sel.)), Chlorocnemis interrupta sp. n. (holotype <$, allotype $: Bale Riv., M’passa, Makokou, resp. 8 and 5-X1-I976; compared with C. eisentrauti Pinhey), and Ceriagrion tricrenaticeps sp. n. (holotype <5, allotype $: ”La Source", M’passa, Makokou, 9-IX-1973; compared with C. sakejii Pinhey, C. bidentatum Fraser and i C. corallinum Campion). The types are in M.N.H.N., Paris, C. bidentatum and’ C. corallinum are synonymized.