In a recent review on the Odonata of Spain (F.J. OCHARAN, 1988, Rev. Biol. Univ.Oviedo 6: 83-93), no members of the genus Leucorrhinia are mentioned. The author, however, states that L. dubia occurs on the French side of the Pyrenees and is likely to occur on the Spanish side as well. This is confirmed by R.R. ASKEW (1988, The dragonflies of Europe. Harley Books, Colchester), who vaguely mentions that L. dubia "...extends south to the Pyrenees (both French and Spainsh sides)...”. We known of no other, or more detailed records of L dubia in Spain. From 1 to 12 July 1985 we visited the eastern part of the Parque Nacional de Aigues Mortes, situated near Espot, on the Spanish side of the Pyrenees. During our stay we explored many mountain lakes in search for odonates. Most of the investigated lakes were void of suitable shore vegetation. We saw dragonflies at only one of them.