The photographs here reproduced were kindly given to me in 1959 by the late Alfonz (Alfons) [Ritter von] Gspan, then a Research Associate at the Slovene Museum of Natural History, Ljubljana. I am not aware of an earlier publication of Figure 1. Figure 2 has been published by V. PETKOVŠEK (1953, Biol. Vest. 2: 153-155), from a copy deposited in the archives of the Department of Botany, University of Ljubljana. Figure 1. — Dated February, 1913. It shows a group of entomologically interested members of the Museum Society of Carniola (’’Musealverein filr Krain” / ’’Muzejsko druStvo za Kranjsko”, Ljubljana, 1864-1919), apparently attending a meeting, at which a talk was given ”On the variations and aberrations in Lepidoptera”. From left to right: Ivan Tav£ar, Ivan Splihal, Dr Pavel GroSelj, Davorin Sinkovifc, Dr Gvidon Sajovic, Ivan Hafner, Alfonz [von] Gspan and Franc DoboviSek.