Odonates are frequently encountered in the rice fields and are reported as important rice pest predators (cf. e.g. H.R. FEIJEN, 1977, Ini. Rice Res. Newsl. 2(5): 17-18; – G. VAN VREDEN & A.L. AHMADZAB1DI, 1986, Pests of rice and their natural enemies in Peninsular Malaysia, Pudoc, Wageningen). A survey was, therefore, undertaken to identify the rice-field odonate species occurring in the two districts. It is the objective, this would help to assess their role in the local insect pest management. The localities visited are: (1) Atja, – (2) Bagh, – (3) Bajri, – (4) Harighail, – (5) Nomanpura, – and (6) Hajeera.