A detailed review of asilid predation on Odonata was presented by R. LAVIGNE (1976, Cordulia 2(1): 1-10), who recognized over 50 robberfly species as predators on the representatives of 23 Zygoptera and Anisoptera genera of 6 families. Presently, this number is probably much higher, although the literature data are rather poor, the information being known mainly from internet publications, usually presenting only photographs, without identification of the species involved. During the field studies in “Spala” Nature Reserve (Spala Landscape Park, central Poland, 51°31’45,30”N, 20°09’52,72”E, alt. 156 m) on 24-VI-2006, the first case of predation by the asilid Neoitamus cyanurus on a teneral Platycnemis pennipes female was recorded and documented (Fig. 1). The observation was made about 15 meters off the Pilica river bank.