In this paper the second German edition of Knorr's ‘Vergnügen der Augen und des Gemüths’ is discussed and compared with Knorr's first German edition. The texts of the first and second parts are corrected, revised and enlarged in this edition; the plates are identical to those in the Dutch edition. The remaining parts 3-6 are similar to the first German edition.

Mollusca, G.W. Knorr, Vergnügen (1st and 2nd ed.), comparison, collation, review.

CC BY-NC 4.0 NL ("Naamsvermelding-NietCommercieel")

Nederlandse Malacologische Vereniging

Henk H. Dijkstra. (2016). A copy of the rare second German edition of Knorr's ‘Vergnügen’ (1768-1784) rediscovered and discussed. Basteria, 80(4/6), 171–176.